Who We Are


Elmer H. Squibb, a World War II Navy Pilot and an experienced oilfield tank manufacturer, had the vision and drive to pursue the American Dream.  Under his leadership Squibb Tank Company began proudly serving the Illinois Basin in 1961.  Squibb Tank Company earned a reputation in the oilfield as the industry standard for tank manufacturing, product durability, and customer service.  We are proud of our heritage and the hard work that has allowed Squibb Tank Company to succeed and to serve for a 3rd generation.

With our roots in oilfield tank manufacturing, Squibb Tank Company has leveraged our experience to serve other industries.  We are consistently selected as a carbon steel tank manufacturer of choice for numerous storage tank applications:

  • Agricultural Fertilizer Storage
  • Asphalt Industry Tanks
  • Bio-Diesel Storage
  • Blend Tanks
  • Chemical Additives Storage
  • Feed Stock Tanks
  • Fire Water Storage
  • Flush Tanks
  • Rock Dust Silo
  • Sand & Gravel Silo

Why Work with Squibb Tank Company:

We are the proven provider of quality, durability, and service.  No other company is better equipped to solve your tank challenges than Squibb Tank Company.  We represent the industry standard for a shop welded steel storage tank with unmatched expertise in solving tank problems.  Several team members have nearly 30 years of tank manufacturing experience.  Our collective experience means an enhanced design, efficient production, and a quality conscious project that meets your expectations, timeline, and budget.  Let us put our commitment to quality, product durability, and service to work for you. 

We are Problem Solvers:

Squibb Tank Company builds great tanks, but the reality is that we are in the problem-solving business. 

  • Design discussions to ensure completed tank meets all requirements.
  • Manufacture quality storage tanks ranging in capacity from 500 gallons to over 50,000 gallons.
  • Custom build tanks to meet capacity goals and balance dimensional constraints.
  • Build a single tank or a complete tank farm or battery.
  • We offer tank modifications to fit many industry applications (i.e. legged tanks, coned bottoms, interior coatings, insulation jacketing, mixer mounts, bulkheads & baffles, heater coils, gauge & instrumentation, top rails & safety caged ladders, stairways, crossovers, walkways, etc.).

Squibb Tank Company is in the business of doing what it takes to find the solution to your storage tank need.  When it comes time to invest in storage solutions, Squibb Tank Company can build the tank to fit your request.