The Squibb Tank Difference

It's All In The Details:  A "Squibb" tank is constructed with an attention to detail that consistently delivers a superior product.

  • Coned Top

    The construction of a Squibb tank top includes a process that "cones" the top surface to a pitch of nearly 7-10 degrees. This coned shape sheds both water and snow; effectively keeping the top free of resting water. Many tank failures in the field are due to resting water rusting the tops out of the tanks – greatly reducing the life of the tank. Additionally, the coned shape provides added strength and is more structurally sound when compared to a flat tank top.

  • Flanged Bottom

    The construction of a Squibb Tank bottom includes a one and a half inch (nominal) flange. This enables for both an exterior and an interior weld between the tank bottom and first wrap of the tank. This dual weld allows for a deeper penetrating weld, a stronger base, and reduced potential of failure.

    Competitors often offer a "T-Joint" weld or a "Flat-Bottom" tank production process. This process is a singular exterior weld around the perimeter of the tank bottom. This practice leaves a ridge on the outside of the tank that invariably traps or cups water and moisture against the tank at its weld. Thus creating the potential for failure and drastically reducing the life of the tank.

  • Welding Practices / Submerged Arc

    Squibb Tank Company takes pride in its workmanship. Our process of tank construction includes both an exterior and an interior weld between the tank bottom and first wrap and each wrap seam. Furthermore, all the exterior seam welds utilize the submerged arc welding process (SAW) – Welds produced on a SAW are sound, uniform, ductile, corrosion resistant, and deep penetrating. This dual weld approach to tank construction allows for deeper penetrating welds and greatly reduces the potential for failure.

  • Experience

    Squibb Tank Company has been constructing Tanks for the oilfield and other industries since its founding in 1961. As a 3rd generation family-owned company we leverage strength from our decorated heritage of consistently providing high quality tank products to the marketplace.

  • Integrity

    Squibb Tank Company has endured since 1961 with a guiding principal that integrity and excellence are synonymous with a successful business operation. It’s not a slogan of something we do; it is at the core of who we are. No one wants to be involved with a business that is known to lie, cheat, or trick customers; nor would anyone chose to work at such a place. Squibb Tank Company has remained over the years because it is a fair and honest business that meets the storage needs of our customers. We have developed a loyal repeat customer base in addition to a seasoned team of tank building specialists that are ready to tackle the next project.

  • Quality Materials

    Squibb Tank Company uses reputable sources for acquiring material for all projects. We shop domestic first and are proud to be an American company.

Squibb Tank Company is the ideal source for atmospheric welded steel storage tanks. We specialize in horizontal & vertical cylindrical steel tank fabrication.


The Squibb Tank Company name has been synonymous with tank manufacturing since our founding (1961) nearly six decades ago.  True to founder Elmer H. Squibb’s vision, we are a family-owned company providing high-quality carbon steel storage tanks to the oilfield and other industries.  Squibb Tank Company manufactures vessels for the oilfield, above-ground fuel storage, sand & gravel, water distribution, and fertilizer industries.  Squibb Tank Company uses only quality materials and maintains high workmanship standards.  In efforts to reduce costs and be more environmentally responsible we recycle 95% of waste by weight.

Workmanship + Durability

We specialize in carbon steel tank manufacturing as storage solutions with a proven track record of quality workmanship, value, and product durability.  Our facility is based out of Salem, Illinois and we are big enough to handle any job you have while still being small enough to care about getting it done right – according to your specs, on time, and within your budget.  It has been our long-term goal to keep costs low and respond to changing market conditions.  This philosophy has ensured for three generations that our product is very competitive and that Squibb Tank Company will not only be there for your current project, but also for your future projects.

Recent Projects

  • Mon, Feb 5, 2018 @ 12:30 PM
    Double Wall Steel Storage Tank

    Vertical Double Wall Steel Storage Tank:  9'6" OD x 18'0" H (9,500-gallon).  Various fittings per customer specifications include:  Side Mount Mixer, Standoffs for Insulation Support, Manway, Gooseneck Vent, RFSO Flanges, NPT Couplings, etc.  Tank complete with finish paint engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of wet insulation under thermal cycling conditions.  This is a great example of complete custom tank built to meet the specific storage needs of our client.  

  • Wed, Aug 2, 2017 @ 01:17 PM
    Double Wall Storage Tanks

    A growing trend in tank manufacturing is Double Wall Tanks.  Squibb Tank Company manufactures custom Double Wall Tanks in both Vertical & Horizontal configurations.  Recently, Squibb Tank Company shipped four (4) Vertical Double Wall Tanks to Ohio as a small component of a factory expansion.  This included project additionally fabricated tank accessory items:  OSHA compliant Safety-Caged Ladders, OSHA complaint Safety Top Guard Rails, & OSHA Safety Gates.  Our fabricated tank accessory items are welded contruction, from heavy duty materials, and complete with a Safety Yellow Powder Coat finish. Other additional tank items included Clay & Bailey Vents, Mushroom Vents, Kruger Sentry Leak Gauges, & Varec Gauge Boards.  These tanks were fabricated and labeled to UL-142 spec. and completed with a white enamel top coat.  We worked closely with the facility engineer to ensure fitting layouts, capacity, & athestitic appearance.  

    This custom tank project resulted with the following Tanks specs.

    • Two (2) UL-142 10'0" OD x 22'0" OAH 12,900-gallon capacity vertical carbon steel tank.
    • Two (2) UL-142 8'0" OD x 20'0" OAH 7,500-gallon capacity vertical steel tanks (Inner Tank fab. from 304 SS & Outer Tank fab. from carbon steel).
    • Four (4) OSHA compliant Heavy Duty Safety-Caged Ladders, Four (4) OSHA compliant Safety Top Guard Rails, & Four (4) OSHA compliant Safety Gates.
  • Wed, May 17, 2017 @ 12:20 PM
    40,000-Gallon Asphalt Emulsion Storage Tanks

    Squibb Tank Company is proud to serve the storage needs of several industries.  We enjoy the challenge of new projects and the excitement of finding solutions through hard work,  dedication, & communication.  

    Pictured here is a completed tank farm for a Asphalt Producer in Illinois.  This job included 8 40,000-gallon Vertical Steel Storage tanks complete with Safety-Caged Ladders with offset rest platforms, safety top rails, & tank crossovers.  Each piece was custom built and fitted for easy field installation. 
    This project is a recent demonstration that even though we are a small business, we are big enough to handle any size project.  
    Tank Specs:
    • 12'6" OD x 44'0" OAH
    • 40,300-gallon Vertical Storage Tanks
    • Fabricated from 1/4" TK HR Mild Carbon Steel Plate
    • Internal Pipe Coil w/ 120 Linear Feet of Pipe
    • 6" Internal Overflow Piping
    • Internal Bracing for Top Mount Mixer
    • Multiple Fitting Locations