Recent Projects

  • Merry Christmas!

    Have a safe and very merry Christmas!

  • Steel Platform

    We custom build unique products and ship all over the United States.  Pictured is a recently completed steel platform that is durable enough for an elephant dance competition!  This is a custom steel …

  • 400BBL Crude Oil Tanks

    We have completed several orders for both 300BBL (12'x15') and 400BBL (12'x20') crude oilfield tanks this month.  Squibb Tank Company remains the oldest tank manufacturer in the Illinois Basin.  It …

  • Double Compartment Legged Tank

    We solved a floorspace problem for a recent customer by manufacturing a double compartment tank on legs.  This allows for 2 products to be stored utilizing the same footprint.  It turned out to be a …

  • Bio Diesel Tanks

    November has been busy with an increased demand for Bio Diesel storage tanks.  

    3 - 12'x12' UL-142 Tanks

    2 - 12'x35' UL-142 Tanks

    Completed with custom fittings & flanges, blasting & coating, and …

  • Below Grade Vault

    A common tank for Below Grade is a double top vault.  This requires support structure being sandwiched between the top of the tank and another top.  Pictured is a 14'x8' Double Top Vault.  

  • 210 BBL Tanks

    October was the month for our 210 BBL Tank at Squibb Tank Company.  We have delevered several several 210 BBL Tanks to the Oilfield and have stocked additional units in the yard.