Steel Tank in Service for 50 Years

The Squibb Tank Company was contacted to replace a steel gun barrel tank this past month.  This 8'x20' steel gun barrel tank manufactured by Squibb has been in service in the Louden Field since 1965.  Pictured is the tank that has been decommissioned.  Although it is no longer a beautiful tank, it has been in service for over 50 years.  This inquiry is a testament to our commitment to quality steel tank fabrication.  We cannot guarantee that all our tanks will all have 50 years of service, but it would not surprise us.  

Additionally, we fielded another interesting inquiry this past week.  A Squibb tank that was originally sold to Ashland Inc. in 1989 was being relocated.  The contractor was verifying tank data for this 27 year old steel tank (12' OD x24' OAL) that has been used for an Asphalt Emulsion application.  
Again, we were not surprised by the longevity of our product, but it is a sober reminder that quality steel products are the key to our operation.  Our success in this industry is predicated on the delivering the best steel tanks to the marketplace. We are committed to this venture just as much now as when the gun barrel tank was produced in 1965 and the Asphalt Emulsion Tank in 1989.  
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