Elliptical Tanks for Below Grade Applications

Squibb Tank Company has manufactured steel tanks for below grade applications for over 35 years.  Specifically, we build steel "vaults" for housing below grade distribution systems (water, sewer, telecommunications, etc.).  Pictured here are several vaults and elliptical tanks we have completed this month for various below grade applications.  All of these tanks are custom manufactured to include bottom skid, top structure, side structures and a shot blasted interior and exterior prep work for painting.  Additionally, our manufacturing processes include a flanged top & bottom which adds to the rigidity of the structure and keeps the seem welds about 1 1/2" into the shell.  Squibb Tank Company has the capability to build various sizes (up to 14' diameter and up to 48' OAL) and shapes (vertical / horizontal cylinders, elliptical, square, rectangle, etc.) of steel tanks.  Given the opportunity, we can deliver the right steel tank for your next job.  

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