Batch Tanks

Squibb Tank Company supports the bulk storage needs of several industries (i.e. Asphalt, Chemical, Agriculture, Fuel, etc.) by fabricating custom steel storage tanks.  We have decades of tank fabrication experience and are are willing to work directly with individual customers to ensure the delivery of superior quality tanks tailored to meet their specific need.  Our team not only wants to fabricate and sell tanks, but to ensure that our tanks fit the requested application.  Pictured here are a couple 6,000 gallon tanks with exterior oil heating coils.  This custom heating coil system allows for zoned heat to match the level of liquid and desired concentrate temperatures.  

Tank Specs:

  • 6,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Fabricated from 1/4" Thick HR CS Plate
  • 10'0" OD X 10'0" H
  • Positive Drainage bottom
  • Legs to allow 2'6" of clearance