20,000 Gallon Fuel Tank


Squibb Tank Company met a tight timeline to provide a customer with flexibility.  The flexibility to purchase fuel in truckload quantities and take a favorable position within the volatile fuel market.  

We manufactured a 12'x25' (21,000 gallon) steel storage tank to meet the ANSI/UL-142 specification for above ground fuel storage that has the capacity to store nearly 3 truckloads of fuel.   This customer's #1 priority was the timeline.  Squibb Tank Company was able to work the tank through production as a "rush order" and have the tank ready for delivery one week from receiving the order.   This was accomplished to provide the desired solution to the customer while maintaining other production demands and commitments.   

One can see the old tank that is being replaced in the background of our pictures along with a light covering of snow.  We are determined to provide storage solutions regardless of weather conditions.